Commando Trg. School

Commandos in Punjab Police came into existence in the year 1989. The idea was to establish a better trained, better equipped and specialised force to combat terrorism in the State. On August 30, 1988, 33rd Battalion of PAP was raised, the basic aim behind the establishing of this battalion was to provide security to the VIPs and to replace depleted strength of PAP, on account of men placed on law and order and security duties. The 33rd battalion of PAP was renamed as PAP Commando battalion in the year of 1989 and then declared as first commando battalion in 1990. The headquarter of this battalion remained at Bahadurgarh, suburb of Patiala city (district). It is located 7 Kms from Bus stand of Patiala on Patiala-Chandigarh road.


All the officers and men of Punjab Police, before their induction into commando battalions, are given three months’ basic commando training at Police Commando Training School (PCTS), fort Bahadurgarh Patiala .

During this commando course, the policemen are given training in Physical conditioning, weapon training, martial arts, commando tactics, explosive and combat engineering, field craft, road, run and walk, fire and combat shooting, map reading, jungle warfare.

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