The  Punjab  Armed  Police traces its  history  to before the partition days when a contingent of about 1000 men was raised during the year 1941 at Lahore as” Additional Police” to assist the regular Police Forces, mainly as striking reserves.


                              After  partition,  during the year 1947, the Headquarters of this force was shifted from Lahore to Jalandhar Cantt. and it was  re-designated as the “Punjab Armed Police “. With Independence,  the role and responsibilities of this force were increased in manifolds, and  it  had been inducted for policing the Indo-Pak  Border  in addition  to  its  duty of assisting  the civil  Police.  Due  to Chinese  invasion during the year 1962,  there  was  spurt  in  raising   of P.A.P. Battalions. There was a strength of 37 Battalions of P.A.P. at the  time of trifurcation of Punjab during the year 1966, 32 Battalions were merged in  B.S.F., C.R.P.F., S.S.B., H.A.P. and Himachal  Armed  Police, leaving behind a strength of  5  Battalions in Punjab. Subsequently, two Battalions were raised during the year 1971. Thereafter, two more PAP Battalions were raised during the year 1981 and one each in the year 1988 and 1989. The later on two PAP battalions had been subsequently converted into Commando Battalions.  At present total number of PAP Battalions is Eight. Out of these, the Headquarters of four Battalions are located at Jalandhar, of two Battalions at Chandigarh and of one Battalion each at Bahadurgarh (Patiala) and Amritsar. Punjab Armed Police was sanctioned a strength of about 43 NGOs,  138 Head Constables and 1433 posts of Constables under Action  Plan during the year 1989-90, which was distributed among the Battalions.

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                        The Commando Battalions and Indian Reserve Battalions, which are headed by separate Inspectors General of  Police. Now the Commando Battalions are headed by the ADGP SOG & CDO Bns. But all the Armed Bns. are functioning under the overall  Command  &  Control  of ADGP/Armed Bns.

                              A training Centre for imparting basic training was sanctioned with  its  Headquarters at Jalandhar Cantt. by the State  Govt.  during the year 1991. Similarly, an In-Service Training Centre was  also sanctioned  with its Headquarters at Kapurthala during  the  year 1993 by the Govt. of Punjab.


                       Presently, the Hqrs. of four Battalions viz. 7th,  27th, 75th,  and  80th Battalions are located in the  PAP  Complex,  at Jalandhar  Cantt.  The other two Battalions  (13th  and  82nd  Bns.) at Chandigarh,  One Battalion (36th Bn.) at Bahadurgarh (Patiala)  and  one Battalion’s  (9th Bn ) located at Amritsar.

                             The  detailed  account  of  aspects  of  administrative, developmental  and  operational activities of  the  Punjab  Armed Police  Organization will be reflected in chapters and titles in the following five parts:-

  1.   INTRODUCTORY (as above)


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